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2nd General Meeting of Gov’t-Taliban negotiating team held in Doha

The second general meeting of the Afghan government and Taliban delegations was held Tuesday evening at Sharq Hotel of Doha.

The meeting of both negotiating teams with full members took place on Tuesday at 4:30pm.
The heads of each delegation delivered their detailed opening remarks. There is agreement on major parts of the rules and procedure, said both Nader Naderi, a member of the Afghan government team and M. Naeem Wardak, the spokesman of the Taliban delegation.

Heads of both delegations reiterated the need for patience and tolerance as they move forward in this regard.
“It was decided to finalize the remaining part ASAP. Schedule and timing of daily meetings are discussed too. Two point persons for coordination were introduced from each sides,” twitted Naderi.

This is the second general meeting of government and Taliban delegations since the opening ceremony of the intra-Afghan peace negotiations which was held on Saturday.
The contact groups were determined on Saturday to discuss the rules and procedures of the talks. The groups agreed on some procedures of negotiations.

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