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Afghan gov. approves 5 Contracts Worth more than 3 billion Afghanis

5 contracts worth 3.3 billion Afghanis were approved in ARG palace during a meeting of the national procurement commission chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the presidential palace said in a statement.
According to Abdul Mannan S. Ghafoori, an expert of the Department of Strategic and Information Relations of the National Procurement commission said the contracts approved during the meeting, include design and construction of water dam of Machlaghoo in Paktia province and construction of power transmission line from Shebarghan-Andkhoi, the contract of vicinity wall of the military academy of the ministry of defense, procurement of medicines for the ministry of defense, and procurement of fuel for Ariana Afghan Airlines.

It is said national and international observers have also attended the meeting to check the transparency.
Some serious critic of ARG considers the existence of national procurement commission as a way to monopolize the power and wealth of the ruling circle.

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