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Afghanistan Reacts against Trump’s Jerusalem Move

Afghanistan government on Thursday expressed deep concerns over U.S. President Trump’s measure, recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli capital, according to a statement by ARG palace.

US President Donald Trump vowed at the White-House Wednesday that Washington recognizes “Jerusalem” as Israel’s capital and will transfer US embassy from “Tel Aviv” to Jerusalem.

“The decision hurts the feelings of Muslims around the world and jeopardized peace process in the Middle East,” said the statement.

“Any unilateral move in this regard without participation of Palestinian government and a separate state solution will not lead to a positive outcome and a permanent solution,” the statement added.

According to the statement, the National Unity Government and the Muslim people of Afghanistan stand with other Muslims around the world seeking to ensure rights of Palestine to have a sovereign state.

The statement continued that Jerusalem – as the first kiblah of Muslims – hold significance for other religions as well, and its location should be established based on international laws, U.N. resolutions and the demand of millions of Muslims around the world.

The statement said that the Afghan government continues to support peace process in Palestine in cooperation with the Islamic world and the international community under Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Afghanistan’s chief executive directorate Dr. Abdullah Abdullah condemned U.S measure on Jerusalem, calling on reviving the rights of Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf, a former Jihadi leader addressing a gathering in Kabul on Thursday denounced Trump’s move over Jerusalem.
US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is an “irreparable mistake,” said Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump announced his decision despite widespread international opposition to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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