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Attack on Kabul; Rocket or Drone?

Taliban confirmed a rocket hit a house in Kabul’s Sherpur area while the former head of NDS Rahmatullah Nabil claimed US drones struck different locations in Kabul.

Attack on Kabul; Rocket or Drone?

A rocket hit a house in Kabul Sherpur area around 06:00 am, causing no casualties, the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior spokesman Abdul Nafi Takor said on Sunday.

The former head of NDS Rahmatullah Nabil, meanwhile, claimed that as per a clause of the Doha deal, the US will help the Taliban crackdown on IS-K.
“As per ground sources this morning American drones were seen in the airspace of Kabul and struck different locations in Kabul,” twitted Nabil. “It is most likely the targets were IS-K hideouts,” he added.

According to him, the Taliban should know that if they don’t have the support of Afghans they won’t last long.
“Taliban can’t run the country. There is a great danger for Afghanistan to become an extremist safe-aven,” Nabil continued.
This comes as Kabul residents say they heard multiple explosions in different parts of Kabul city.

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