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Conference was held to eliminate violence against women in Bamyan

Today morning (Dalwe 25th), a conference under the name of “not to misuse and ban violence against women” was held in Bamyan.
According to (DID) news agency report, Afghanistan women network celebrated the February 13th, anniversary of establishing massive protest to eliminate violence against women.
In this forum, which was held by the presence of Bamyan citizens and representatives of provincial offices, condemned the recent violent events against women in Bamyan.
Sughra Atayee, chief of Afghanistan’s women network in Bamyan province, read this a historical day in the world and said: Afghanistan women network honor this program in Bamyan and other provinces from three years onward.
Abdurahman Ahmadi, Bamyan’s spokesperson expressed regret about the recent incidence in this province and said: Bamyan governor warned the police headquarter, “unless not to arrest the perpetrators of the recent killings in this province within a week, deliver their resignation to the office”.
Some civil activists and human rights of Bamyan have reported eight killings in this province in the last week, which five cases are related to women.

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