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Cows that U.S seek to milk them

A Billion contracts for arms sales and heavy military equipment of the United States to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, reveal US covert and strategic policies and Arab’s stupidity and superficiality.
Undoubtedly, Arabia, Qatar, and other Arabic Islamic countries cannot be a strategic friend of the United States, milk them as much as possible and when their milk is over, they must be thrown away. Money earned from oil, must be milked strategically and through various forms, instead of being spent on redevelopment and building civilization in the land of revelation and other forms of Islam and some to be spent on poor Muslims, so that first, the political and military convergence of the Islamic world against Israel does not come true and the plan to disunite the Arabic and Islamic countries and the plunge into internal conflicts find strategical depth and also the military political situations and geostrategic positions are institutionalized in favor of Israel.

Second, America’s not-so-worthy US weapons will be saved from aging and exhaustion, and do not get out of service.
Third, Arabic economic capabilities and capacities to be decreased and be spent on military equipment which not only does not increase their strategic military capabilities, but also to empty their pockets by creating false pretenses and a false sense of balance and to erode their potential and actual financial capabilities.

The strategic considerations of the United States have by no means been to prevent and limit Qatar’s support for terrorism and extremism. Terrorism and scaremongering are far broader and deeper than Qatar’s support and America is well aware of Saudi and Qatar’s role in strengthening the foundations of extremism and scaremongering in the frame of its strategic principles and back their support for terrorism.

This is one of the best ways of milking fool Arabs and eroding their strategic capabilities and capacities against the West and Israel.

Dr. Adalatkhah – (DID) press agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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