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Fighting Americans become Harder, we Send More Suicide Bombers: Taliban

Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Saeed in an interview with the Guardians has said 150,000 US soldiers couldn’t beat us, and an extra 4,000 Americans, as Donald Trump will deploy, will not change the morale of our Mujahideen.
According to the Guardian, Referring to Barack Obama’s surge, Saeed said: “150,000 Americans couldn’t beat us.” And an extra 4,000 US soldiers, as Donald Trump will deploy, “will not change the morale of our mujahideen,” he said. “The Americans were walking in our villages, and we pushed them out.” For the Taliban to consider peace, he said, “foreigners must leave, and the constitution must be changed to sharia.”
The Taliban commander also added: “It’s true, it has become harder to fight the Americans. But we use suicide bombers, and we will use more of them,” Saeed said. “If the US changes its tactics of fighting, so do we.”

Although, the Afghan government established the peace council and gave some privileges to Taliban to encourage them to peace and accepting the constitution, but from the statements of Mullah Abdul Saeed, it is clear the Taliban group have no desire for peace.
These words by a Taliban commander show that the group is determined for victory, now let’s see, the strategy of the national unity government will change or the policy of “war is not the solution” will go ahead.

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