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Ghazni Governor Laghmani Arrested in Maidan Wardak

Dawood Laghmani, the fugitive governor of central Ghazni province, was detained by the national directorate of security in the Kotal-e Takht area of Maidan Wardak province, governor sources said.

Ghazni fugitive governor Davood Laghmani who is accused of surrendering Ghazni province to the Taliban arrested on charges of “national treason”.

On Thursday morning, footage of Dawood Laghmani was circulating on social media showing him among the Taliban members. Sources, meanwhile, said that Dawood Laghmani handed over Ghazni city in a deal with the Taliban.
The fugitive Ghazni governor faces serious charges of national treason.

Social media users have also launched a campaign calling for the central government to try and punish Laghmani.
The provincial city of Ghazni fell to the Taliban last night, but fighting is now raging in some areas and the army forces are trying to drive the Taliban out of the city.

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