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Ghor’s Taywara district fall to Taliban

Taywara district of Ghor province collapsed to Taliban.
Taliban placed at people’s house and used them as human shields.
Public order police commander confirmed the news.
Clashes continued between Taliban and the security forces in Taywara district since three days onwards which led to the collapse of the district to Taliban today morning (Sunday, 23 July).
“Taliban made to capture the hospital and the building of the district today morning, after collapsing two security posts of the district,” Abdul Hamid Natiqi, a member of the Ghor’s provincial council told DID press agency.
“Taliban took the control of the building an hour ago,” he added.
“Now clashes are strongly underway in villages of the district and both sides have suffered casualties,” he stressed.
“The number of Taliban is too much and forces from other provinces have attended the war, supporting the group,” he asserted.
Ghor’s provincial council underlined that if the police forces do not arrive on time, the situation will exacerbate.We wanted to have an answer from Ghor’s local administration, but we could not succeed due to communication problems.

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