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I Stand by Ata M. Noor Under Any Circumstances: Gen. Abdul Raziq

Gen. Abdul Raziq, a well-known military commander in the south of the country vowed, he is backing Ata M. Noor’s stances, adding that he will stand by Mr. Noor under any condition …
Qandahar police commander General Abdul Raziq has said: “I am close a friend of Ata M. Noor, the Balkh governor, chief executive of Hezb-e Jamiat Islami and the founder of Etelaf-e Nejat (the Coalition for the Salvation of Afghanistan) and will stand by him under any circumstances.”

Speaking about the formation of Etelaf-e Nejat, the influential military commander in the south of the country added: “may be they are hurt by the central administration that formed a coalition.”
According to BBC, talking about the coalition for the salvation and its leaders, General Abdul Raziq has said: “everyone has to find a way to defend his people their rights.”

He also spoke about Gen. Dostum being prevented to enter the country, saying that his bad and goodness depends on the people, the government is crying off to Taliban’s leader to negotiate but removes the key figures from the establishment.
It is worth mentioning that Gen. Abdul Raziq is an influential and a well-known commander in the south of the country and a pro supporter of military repression of terrorist groups.

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