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Juan de Loxa dies at 73

The creator of the radio program ‘Poesía 70’ and founder of the Casa Natal Museum of Federico García Lorca has died in Madrid at the age of 73.

Juan de Loxa, Granada poet who created the radio program ‘Poesía 70’ and was founder and director of the Museum of the Birthplace of Federico García Lorca in Fuente Vaqueros, has died this Friday in Madrid, at the age of 73.

“Poesía 70”, which received the Ondas Award in 1982, is also the origin of the ‘Song of the South Manifesto’, a letter of introduction and denunciation in the yearning for renewal and freedom, with a vindication of the artistic and creative identity of Andalusia and its poets and musicians.

The news of the death of Loxa has caused a strong commotion in the literary and artistic world of Granada. Although the causes of the death have not been disclosed, it is known that in the last months he was dragging a respiratory ailment.

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