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Why Kabul Deceives by Islamabad’s Mouse Game?

In the Pakistani army, the dominant mentality is to wait until NATO get out of Afghanistan, then.

Neighboring Pakistan has long been recognized as a supporter of terrorism, sheltering terrorists in its territory and provides them with financial and military support to destabilize Afghanistan.

Undoubtedly, it will take time for the Afghan people to be optimistic about Islamabad’s policy towards Kabul, because Pakistan has been behind destabilization of Afghanistan for many years, and Kabul is deceived by what the Pakistanis say about Afghanistan.

On Tuesday, Pakistani army chief visited Kabul and met with president Ghani and the chief executive officer of NUG. The aim of the visit was the implementation of “APAPPS” that both sides have agreed on. According to the document, Pakistan backs up the Afghan peace efforts and both countries do not shelter each other’s enemies. Based on the document, the liaison officers will be sent to the headquarters of both countries and military centers will be established along the border

The major supporters of Afghanistan mediated this document. In addition, Pakistan is a part of the efforts aimed to find out a political solution to the war in Afghanistan. The issue was discussed during the visit of president Ghani with general Bajwa and ISI chief Naveed Mukhtar as well.

General Qamar Jawid Bajwa in his visit with president Ghani said that past misguided policies are not in our favor. Meanwhile, he emphasized that Islamabad will support peace negotiation led by the Afghan government.
It is clear that Afghan people see the actions and judge. Pakistan has always carried out diplomatic initiatives to escape international pressures. Practically, Islamabad did nothing. The public opinion in the country think that Pakistan tells lie to president Ghani and the government but Kabul government leaders consider it right.

In the Pakistani army, the dominant mentality in to wait until NATO get out of Afghanistan, then, to bring the Taliban to power. In 2012, a secret report of the NATO organization pointed out that the Pakistani army encouraged the Taliban to fight, telling them that NATO was going to get out of Afghanistan.

The recent efforts of Pakistan under the pressure of America and NATO member states may also be a kind of wasting time?
The president should not become excited. We should see what does practically Pakistan do. There is no report that Pakistan has abandoned its India-centered security policy against Afghanistan.

Another bitter fact is that Taliban leaders in Pakistan are not under pressure. They are neither under military nor financial pressure. Taliban leaders in Pakistan are supported by Islamabad and receive the money sent by Arabic countries to destabilize Kabul.

They have full physical and financial security. Why should they make peace when they are not under pressure? Two things should be done to bring Taliban to the negotiation table. First, their leadership in Pakistan should be under pressure to make them understand that there is no way but negotiation. Second, Pakistan should set aside its India-centered policy toward Afghanistan. Without fulfillment of the two issues, neither the Taliban come to negation table nor Pakistan carries out the commitments in “peace and solidarity” document.

Finally, it can be argued that as long as the supporters of the Afghan government, especially the USA does not persuade Pakistan to give up bearing up terrorists, there will be no change in Afghanistan and Islamabad will continue backing up terrorists.

Akhtar Suhail – (DID) news agency
Translated by Taher Mojab

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