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Military Option to Worsen Situation: EU ambassador to Mohaqiq

The EU ambassador to Afghanistan Pierre Mayaudon met the second deputy of the executive directorate Mohammad Mohaqiq on Tuesday and discussed issues in the country.

The EU ambassador discussed business, immigration and current political issues of the country with the second deputy of the executive directorate Mohammad Mohaqiq. Pierre Mayaudon read the current political issues tense, saying the EU interested in the peaceful resolution of the internal political differences.
“The current political situation in Afghanistan is not favorable in terms of security, and the internal affairs have recently become tense. It requires measures to curb the internal conflicts and we are in favor of a peaceful resolution.” Mr. Mayaudon said.
“Resorting to violence is not a solution because the non-peaceful approach extends the tendency towards violent options and adds to existing challenges,” the EU ambassador added.

On the other hand, the second deputy to the executive directorate Mohammad Mohaqiq said, the tensions are posed due to lack of convergence and understanding among the governmental factions and political parties.

“The current political tensions are not in favor of our stability and national security at all. Unfortunately, the situation posed due to lack of convergence and understanding among the government factions and political parties and people. We support a peaceful solution through dialogue and negotiation.” Mr. Mohaqiq said.
Speaking of security and the expansion of insecurity in the north of the country, this political and jihadi figure emphasized that in such situation the presence of general Dostum in the country, is urgently needed.
During the meeting, Ustad Mohaqiq said, the return of general Dostum and the fate of the first vice president should be solved.

The EU ambassador stresses on the peaceful solution about the recent political tensions while rumors about the government using the military option against Ata M. Noor spread on social pages.

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