Moscow conference; Confrontation or Interaction?

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in that time caused instability, migrations, homelessness, martyrdom and disability for millions of our countrymen and ever-increasing retardation of Afghanistan from the development cycle. After the red-Empire was defeated by Mujahidin, they claimed that the U.S was behind Mujahidin of Afghanistan and Mujahidin could beat the red army by the American’s weapons and facilities and left the game in favor of America. However, today the conditions are going well for Russians and Kremlin, by helping Taliban is taking revenge from America’s role in the story of former Soviet Union’s failure, based on the cognition that has from Afghanistan’s status and Taliban. Backing Taliban-that is now counted as one of the powerful military group against the U.S in Afghanistan-has become a big trouble for Americans.

Currently, Russians are looking to fill the gaps and weaknesses of Bonn conference by holding Moscow conference and try to pose Moscow as a center for resolving international and regional conflicts and challenges and to keep aloof, as this center has been the point of international and regional tensions.
On the other hand, some countries in the region, which do not have good relations with the U.S and are counted as international and regional rivals of America, politically and materially support the Taliban. For example, not long ago, a delegation of Taliban had traveled to China; China is one the most powerful opponent of America and can challenge the continued presence of America in Afghanistan, by backing the group.

Taliban has benefitted from global and regional challenges and changed the international challenges into good opportunities to strengthen themselves. Opening an office in Qatar, was one of the advantages of the Taliban in the regional and global diplomacy that the group got out from Pakistan’s range and border areas of that country and expanded its political relations with more countries.
Likewise, Taliban representatives have visited some European and Asian countries and part of this group inclined to Russia, after the death of Mullah M. Omer and Mullah Akhtar Mansoor and some joint Daesh (ISIS) and changed their color and flag, the role of regional and global supporters have affected this mass evolution, too.

Now, U.S rivals try to push the peace process of Afghanistan to an impasse and use the Taliban as a leverage to sabotage the process!
As getting close to Moscow conference, Taliban increased their military movements and it is said that the Russians are attempting to boost the power and the sphere of influence of the group through providing military equipment.
Currently, it seems that Russia has entered a new phase with America in global interactions, amid ‘tensions;’ up to the point that Rex Tillerson, minister of foreign affairs of America before his visit from Moscow, told Russia that in relations to global issues, “Kremlin should be either with Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah or with America.”

It shows that America is located on the same platform, which was 16 years ago. At that time, George Bush, the U.S president had warned some countries that “the world can either be with us or against us.”
As they moved forward, they saw that the world is neither with them and nor they can be with others … the world plays their own song and move towards political, economic and cultural rationality.

In all, Afghanistan is the field of proxy war among regional and beyond regional powers, that each tries to beat the other. It is expected from our authorities to pass the hairbreadth with strong will and wisdom and change any challenge into an opportunity in line with providing national interests!

Sayed Alireza Mahmudi – (DID) press agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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