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Branches of Al-Qaeda are conducting military maneuver in the north and east of Afghanistan, according to reports.
Imam Bukhari group and Uzbekistan stimulators are branches, related to Al-Qaeda that vowed to start their activities in some parts of north and east of Afghanistan.
They announced the news through publishing a video.
Ministry of defense says that although, many of this group’s fighters destroyed; but dozens of Imam Bukhari group fighters and Uzbekistan stimulators have activity in Faryab, Sari-Pul and Qunduz provinces.
These groups were at the south borderlines and in areas of Faryab, Sari-Pul and also in Qunduz that were suppressed. General Muhammad Radmanish, a spokesman for department of defense said.
Daesh and Al-Qaeda are global terror groups, who are really dangerous for the people of Afghanistan, Petras Austrevcius, the E.U’s parliament member said.

Analysts say that presence and influence of groups linked to Al-Qaeda terror network in north, most likely caused by two internal and external factors.

The internal factor, rooted in competitions and ongoing hostilities among different terror groups, including Daesh and Al-Qaeda. Although, Daesh is counted as a separate branch of Al-Qaeda; but in many ways this group is at odds with Al-Qaeda and in Syria, Iraq and even Afghanistan. There are many signs of confrontation between the two terrorist groups.
In Syria, “Nusrat” front which is now renamed Fath-e-Sham, is a powerful branche linked to Al-Qaeda network that is at hard and bloody battle with many terrorist groups, including Daesh (ISIS), in addition to Syria army and its allies.
Since Al-Qaeda is counted as longtime ally of Taliban in Afghanistan and on the other hand, Daesh gave a negative answer to initial efforts of Taliban for respecting the realms of domination and influence of this group and officially struggled with Taliban, and Uzbeks, Arabs, Chichinis and Pakistani pro-Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters, these two terror organizations are facing each other.
On this account, according to most analysts, at least one of the motivations of terrorist groups activity affiliated to Al-Qaeda in north, is most likely the efforts of this network leaders to compete and face the ISIS and to prevent the conquest of the new territories by the terrorists in Afghanistan.
While, recent reports of an escalation of Daesh activity in northern areas is also transmitted. For example in the latest case, yesterday people attributed to ISIS shot a local chief, his wife and 9 militants under his command in one of the villages, in northern province of Jawzjan.
According to this, one of the goals of groups linked to Al-Qaeda starting its activity in north, is probably transferring this message to Daesh (ISIS) that Al-Qaeda is still alive as a competitor and a serious opponent of this group and is able to create challenge against the domination and influence of ISIS in the north.

The second or maybe the most important factor, vowing a rise and activity of groups linked to Al-Qaeda in north, is the external factor; the factor that in general, is connected to transferring the organized project of insecurity to North.
From this perspective, brokers of this idea, are trying to quickly extend and expand the insecurity and terror cores throughout the region by establishing terror groups from Uzbek-race that in terms of ethnic and language can easily communicate with local residence and in this way, speedup the executive steps of transferring organized project of insecurity that results from activities of terrorist groups in the north
In this point, there is no difference among Daesh (ISIS), Al-Qaeda and other circles of international terrorism for those who are seeking to implement insecurity project in the north, because the main purpose is to change north into an international terrorism field, and obviously it is not expected that the dimensions and domains of this project, is just restricted to the north of Afghanistan; but based on assessments, the main goal is to expand and spread insecurity caused by international terrorism to Central Asia, Caucasus (Qafqaz) and Russian borders through north of Afghanistan.
Yet, there is no doubt that expansion of Daesh (ISIS), Al-Qaeda and any other terror group activities is an immediate and direct threat to the people and government of Afghanistan. Therefore, it is expected that the government use urgent and practical schemes to restrain and deal with the anti-comprehensive security risk by using all facilities, including the experience, influence, local authority and the prestige and position of powerful commanders of Mujahidin in the north.

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