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Commissioner of IEC:

Our Prosecution to Follow Top Afghan Government Officials’ Scandal

In Afghanistan, everybody knows the fish rots from the head down.

One of the commissioner of the election commission said at a friendly meeting that “we are no longer afraid of being dismissed because the election commission has done a number of things with the instruction of high-level government officials, and if the government intended to prosecute us, the top government officials would be involved with electoral frauds as well. On the other hand, a large number of those who will enter the next parliament are our supporters because the commitment has been made. The last word is that we have made enough money during the election process, which is enough for us in the next ten years. Now, if the government wants or will not, many of the commissioners are not interested in staying at the election commission.”
The commissioner of the election commission added that it was a chance for us as we were appointed in the election commission and have used it. In Afghanistan, everybody knows the fish rots from the head down, and nothing is going well; from the minister to the lawyer and from the judge to the police, they misuse their duty as much as possible, as there is no guarantee. Every person uses the opportunity which was also an opportunity for commissioners and even the heads of the provincial election commissions. Now, nothing will change even if the government makes plans for the upcoming elections because everyone knows the government circle will try its best to turn election results in favor of its candidate. So, the result is clear that the government itself is the cause of the electoral crisis, this way, putting the burden of responsibility on the election commission is a disgrace, fleeing from the inappropriate order of the government that it will finally force to whitewash the issue.


Jawid Rostapoor

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