Pakistan seek to vacate both sides of Durand

“Government of Pakistan’s behavior is against to the international laws” Abdul Ghafour Liwal, Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs:
According to DID Press, the Ministry of Border and Tribal Affairs claims that building the installations along the Durand Line is in violation to international laws. He also stated that no country has the right to deny access of Afghanistan to high seas.
Mr. Likwal added: Blocking the transit routes and targeting border areas are not solutions, instead, the centers for training the terrorism must be targeting.
The government official, while criticizing the recent actions of Pakistan, expressed “PK has violated international laws, Afghanistan airspace and the ground along the Durand Line”
Liwal: Building the military installations are illegal along the Durand line.
The tensions in the Afghanistan-Pakistan relationship has sharply increased in recent weeks and days, so, the Afghan officials due to Islamabad actions sued to the UN Security Council.

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