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Peace Consultative Meeting; from ARG’s Machinery Politics to Military Confusion

If the current administration changes its 16 –years approach with one tweet of the US president; peace with Taliban would be unreachable.

The presidential palace of Afghanistan held a meeting under the name of “consultative meeting” about peace with Taliban. At the meeting, Mr. Ghani spoke about peace with Taliban, saying “the government wants peace with Taliban.” The meeting comes after a spokesperson for ARG palace said a month ago: “from now on, we are pursuing peace with Taliban on the battlefields.”

The approach was astonishingly surprising at a time when millions of dollars have been spent on high peace council (HPC). The news that there will be no peace deal with the Taliban and the last word will be a military force on the battlefield, attracted the attention of many citizens.

The Afghanistan people thought that after 16 years, the government finally realized that armed Taliban does not intend to make peace, and they are fighting against the people of Afghanistan with the help of foreigners. But the main story was different. The US president Donald Trump who act “impulsively” without thinking, wrote on his twitter that there will be no peace with Taliban anymore and we bring Taliban to the negotiation table, only through battlefield after Taliban stormed Intercontinental hotel, killing dozens of Afghan and foreign citizens. Trump’s tweet made the Afghan government to change its course overnight, but after a month Mr. Ghani again held a consultative meeting calling for peace with the Taliban. This is a confusion in a bloody war. When the Taliban does not give up arms and continue to fight, the Afghan government has so far failed to have a definition from friends and enemies, and no strategy has been considered for this long war. Today, there is a competition among countries with programs and countries without. Today’s governments are part of the third world which has not had any plan for today in the past 100 years. The third world, are countries that the states are dictatorial and monopolistic, its imports are more than exports, and the literacy rate is at its lowest level. These are the characteristics that Afghanistan faces, and can overcome the current crises through a comprehensive plan. If lack of planning has put Afghanistan in the Third World in the past years, not having any plan or strategy will retreat this country to a world that terrorism speaks first in it. What we need today is programming not fruitless words of the president.

One of the deceptive words was again repeated by the president at the meeting.
“Before, the foreigners were talking about widespread corruption, but today we crossed this stage and overcome the corruption,” he said.
This comes as Afghanistan ranked 4th most corrupted countries by the UN’s recent report. This confusion is not only attributed to a clear definition of friends and enemy but also not having any strategy in all areas of management.

What swept Syria and Iraq toward crisis, was not the Islamic State and foreign support, but the widespread corruption in the administrative system of the two countries. This 16-17 long war alone proves that the peace strategy with Taliban, is not working. The one who assassinated Mr. Burhanuddin Rabbani 7 years ago, was not the one who came to talk with him? Peace with Taliban is possible when the government would have a well-defined and long-term strategy. If the current administration changes its 16 –years approach with one tweet of the US president; peace with Taliban would be unreachable. If the government had a clear and long-term strategy, the Taliban would trust the central government. But if it changes its approach every day, they think the current Afghan government is a poppet establishment and does not have will that it pursues a new policy every day.

Mahdi Sarbaz – (DID) news agency
Translated by Taher Mojab

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