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Political, Jihadi Leaders Reaffirmed their Support for Armed Forces in Meeting with President

President Ghani held a consultative meeting on Saturday with the political and Jihadi leaders as the Taliban escalated their offensive on urban centers. During the meeting, the political and Jihadi leaders declared their unwavering support from the Afghan national defense and security forces.

A declaration issued by the Presidential Palace (Arg) at the end of the consultative meeting, said that the courage and resistance of the Afghan security and defense forces against “aggression” and terrorist attacks as well as the national mobilization of the Afghan people in this regard is commendable.

Afghan political and Jihadi leaders declared their unwavering support for the Afghan Defense and Security Forces, stressing that they will further strengthen people uprising in defense of Afghanistan.
Putting an end to the war and achieving a just and lasting peace is the priority of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and it has made many sacrifices to achieve this lofty goal, the declaration read.

According to the statement, the efforts of the High Council for National Reconciliation and the Peace Negotiating Delegation in this regard are commendable and the peace process will be continued.
The government must defend the people and the territorial integrity of Afghanistan, national values and institutions, women’s rights and freedoms enshrined in the Afghan constitution, and the Afghan government defends these values against any kind of aggression, the declaration added.

The prominent political and Jihadi leaders, representatives of civil society, women, and religious scholars unitedly voiced their full support for Afghan Security and Defense Forces in the presence of the country’s security leadership. While stressing the urgency for peace, all agreed that defending Afghanistan is our fundamental right, President Ghani wrote on his Facebook page.

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