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President Ghani Stresses on Equipping NUF in meeting with Politicians

President Ashraf Ghani met political figures and emphasized equipping and strengthening National Uprising Forces (NUF), following the escalation of Taliban violence in many provinces.

President Ghani met prominent political and Jihadi leaders as well as heads of the two Houses of the parliament at the presidential palace where they agreed on expediting efforts to mobilize, equip, and strengthen NUF, the presidential palace said in a statement on Monday.
Since Sunday, President Ghani met separately Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf, Mohammad Mohaqeq, Yunus Qanuni, Mohammad Karim Khalili, and some other politicians.

The meetings come as the Taliban increased their attacks on government forces positions in different parts of the country and the group managed to capture over 100 districts.

Meanwhile, the US embassy in Kabul called for the Taliban to agree to a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire and to engage fully in peace negotiations to end the suffering of the Afghan people and pave the way for an inclusive political settlement that benefits all Afghans and ensures that Afghanistan does not again serve as a safe haven for terrorists.
In response to the Taliban’s violence and attacks, President Biden said that the Afghan government and the ANDSF have the training, equipment, and numbers to prevail, and now is the moment for the leadership and the will in the face of the Taliban’s aggression and violence.

The chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) Abdullah Abdullah was to leave Kabul for Qatar to attend two important international meetings on Afghanistan but was delayed due to unknown reasons.

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