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Riyadh, Abu Dhabi Must End “Stupid War” in Yemen:UN

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for a new push to end the “stupid war” in Yemen, saying he hoped the Trump administration could pressure Saudi Arabia to stop the “stupid war” in Yemen.
“This war is causing, in my opinion, terrible suffering to the Yemeni people,” while also harming Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, Guterres told CNN.

Antonio Guterres read the Yemen war “stupid and humanitarian crisis” and called for a serious push to end the war.
“I believe this is a stupid war. I think this war is against the interests of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates… (and) of the people of Yemen,” he said.

As the war ongoing, 7 million people are believed to be on the brink of famine and a cholera outbreak has caused more than 2,000 deaths.
“It’s in the interests of everybody to stop this war.”

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