Sawr 8th and the story then!

8th of Sawr (April 28th), is the anniversary of Mujahidin’s victory over the Red Army, which the enemy experienced a heavy defeat and had to leave Afghanistan after years of war.
1- It is a fact that the people of Afghanistan stood up against the Red Army from all corners of this territory, took arms and defended their homeland. Forerunners and leaders of this public movement, were a number who grew in a religious environment or had studied more or less at the university. In all, all of them are counted as “Jihadi heads or commanders.” Jihadists acted in a good and spectacular way in a period, defended their people and homeland. They ran and crawled mountain to mountain, trench to trench, but never surrendered or kneeled against the enemy. Those days, Jihadists stood, immovable with great force and motivation like mountains against the super power of east that influenced the world by its imposing power. At that time, a large part of Afghan people crusaded against the enemy. Yes, they crusaded; it means that they stood against an invader and this was a true and acceptable case and it is, which is in accordance with Islamic teachings.

Those who deny or consider the role of Afghan people in defending their country against the invaders wrong, are undoubtedly have committed an injustice. Those days, from young to old, from farmers to scholars and intellectuals, all were thinking about “Jihad” and that how to beat the enemy as well. Many were killed with such idea and opinion and left an orphan, a widow, and a homeless behind; yes, they were also “Mujahid.” It is not common to criticize and insult the defenders of the people and the homeland, nowhere in the world and that the good work of all be ignored by the crime of some friends and wrong fellows.

2- Another argument which is raised about the 8th of Sawr is the role and presence of some Mujahidin, after forming the government. At this stage, Mujahidin did not shine well and failed to form a precise, efficient and practical government through integration and empathy. Greed for power and fame led to conflicts and disputes between them and in the shortest time, they have displayed such heinous and heavy drama and such shameful papers in the history of Afghanistan that will never be forgotten and will be remembered forever. It was one of the worst periods that Afghan people experienced. Mujahidin’s unstable government was the period of exile and migration and times of distress and deprivation of the nation. The results were nothing, except killing thousands of human and hundreds of people emigrated abroad.

The horrific and deadly scenes by the civil war – the wars which were conducted by some heads of Mujahidin over power-sharing – were the worst days that will never be forgotten …
However, interventions of foreign countries have also affected the ruinous civil wars, but as every man has wisdom, if Mujahidin would go ahead rationally and wisely after the Jihad, undoubtedly, that much blood would not shed and this much misery will not afflict our nation. Jihad is a “value” in the collective memory of Afghan people, but the argument is that why Jihad’s values were forgotten by some, and some are ruling the fate of the people, using the name and title of Jihad for many years. They have misused Jihad’s achievements …!
With all, Mujahidin can be divided into two categories. True Mujahidin and false Mujahidin. True Mujahidin were and are those who rose against the enemies of the people and homeland and did not involve to the size of a millet during the upheaval of civil war and uproar of seeking power.
But, false Mujahidin were and are those who shed a river of blood in the country under the pretext of defending ethnicity and identity and slaughtering their fellow citizens, destroying the towns and created disaster by getting command from across the border.

Zia Musawi – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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