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First 2022 Polio case Registered in Paktika

The first positive case of polio in 2022 was registered in Dileh district of Paktika province, health officials said.

Nick Wali Shah Momen, director of the Center for Polio and Pediatrics in Afghanistan, announced the first positive case of polio disease in 2022 in Dileh, Paktika province.
He said the virus was similar to the virus released in Quetta, Pakistan.
Expressing concerns about the spread of polio, Momem said that teams from the Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF are currently in the area working to contain the further spread of the disease.

According to health officials, over the past three years, Dileh district and some other areas of Paktika have not been covered by the nationwide polio plan due to insecurity, which has led to the spread of the disease.
Reacting to the announcement of the registration of the first child with polio in the province, Hekmatullah Esmat, head of the Paktika Health Department, called on all people, scholars, and tribal elders to work with health officials to prevent the spread of the disease.

Last year, 4 cases of polio were reported in Afghanistan, of which 3 cases were registered in Imam Sahib city of Kunduz province and 1 case was registered in Andar city of Ghazni province.

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