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Situation to get worse!

U.S national intelligence has recently vowed that political and security status is getting worse in Afghanistan. Last week, on Thursday, Dan Coats, director of information office of America’s national intelligence considered Afghanistan’s security situation worrying, speaking at the U.S senate meeting and said: “political and security status will not improve in Afghanistan by 2018, even if the number of American military forces and other NATO countries will increase in Afghanistan.”
“Afghan security forces are in an unsuitable condition and that’s why Taliban could beat these forces in some recent operations,” the American security official said.
Mr. Coats also said that Taliban will continue its influence, especially in rural areas of Afghanistan.
“Afghanistan faces a very difficult economic status. Dependence on foreign aids will be decreased when Taliban be undermined or to reach a peace agreement with them,” he said.

Concerns over Afghanistan’s security situation, not only pervaded on outer circles, but also are quite obvious on the social environment. Currently discontent of citizens from security condition has reached its peak in many provinces of the country and it has also damaged economic and psychological status the most. Now, a large part of the country is at war and only last week, two districts fell by Taliban.
On the other hand, government heads not only failed to overcome current political and security challenges, but also are spending most of their governance time over intergovernmental unsound competitions and have forgotten their responsibilities and commitments. Disunion of government heads is one of the major factors of military failure in the battlefield; the majority of security officials are dependent on these people and are affected by their disputes and conflicts.

Rebel groups have also taken full advantage of the current situation and are seeking to harm the people and the government day and night.
It seems that if the government will not be able to curb the current insecurity and improve the current fragile condition, it is probable that dissatisfaction of the people goes up and political parties, civil institutions, and international groups surrender to people’s will and prevent the current governance route. As a result, all consent to the absence of this government.

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