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We do Not need Foreign Forces: NSA Mohib

National Security Adviser (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib says the Afghan army, commandos, and police forces reached a level that they can provide the security of their country, and we do not need the foreign forces.
“Instability in Afghanistan is not just a threat to Afghans, it is a global threat,” NSA Mohib said in an interview with BBC’s Open Jirga program on Thursday morning.

According to him, in case of a war, 15 million Afghans may migrate from Afghanistan to Europe or other countries which would be costly for these countries.
“NATO and some other countries said they will keep their forces in Afghanistan,” NSA underlined, adding that Afghanistan needs their technical cooperation.

On the peace process, NSA believes that this is not an Afghan process and the Taliban are not after peace.
“The Taliban are not seeking peace, they are wasting time, and they think that after the withdrawal of foreign forces, there may be an opportunity to force the government which is impossible,” Hamdullah Mohib said. “The current process is not an Afghan process, it is not owned by the Afghans, it is clear from its name (Doha process) that it is a foreign process,” he added.

The remarks come as the peace talks have reportedly stalled in Doha.

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