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Will N. Afghanistan Become Safe as ISIS Eliminated?

The governor for Jawzjan province Lutfullah Azizi confirmed the news, saying that ISIS file closed in the province but Taliban group is still a serious threat to the people of the province.

Last night, Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) commander Mawlawi Habib ul-Rahman, his deputy Mufti Nematullah, and a key commander of the group Damullah Sebghatullah along with about 230 members of this terror group joined the local government of the northern Jawzjan province, the provincial police chief confirmed.

According to reliable sources in Jawzjan province, Mufti Nematullah, who was a member of the Taliban group surrendered to the government two years ago. But attended ISIS when the terror group rose in the province.
It is said that 30 members of this terror group along with their families surrendered to the Afghanistan government from among the 230 terrorist fighters.

The governor for Jawzjan province Lutfullah Azizi confirmed the news, saying that ISIS file closed in the province but Taliban group is still a serious threat to the people of the province.
“more than 500 fighters of ISIS terror group were in Jawzjan. A number of them were killed in clashes with the security and defense forces and the Taliban group, and a few numbers captured by Taliban,” said Lutfullah Azizi.
“after 230 members of ISIS terror group joined the government forces, the group destroyed in the province and some may have fled to the neighboring provinces,” Jawzjan governor told DID press agency.

“the government and Taliban pressure on the terror group forced them to join the government,” he added.
According to the statement of the Jawzjan security officials, fierce clashes were underway between the ISIS group and the Taliban in the past three weeks.
ISIS group operated in Jawzjan province for a year. During the time, the group recruited in Qosh Tapa and Darzab districts, and dozens of schools were closed. Simultaneously, hundreds of families were forced to leave their homes.
The provincial police commander Faqir Mohammad Jawzjani confirmed to DID press Agency that 230 members of ISIS group and their commanders joined the government, saying that ISIS terror group has been eliminated in the province.
209 Shaheen corps confirmed 230 members of ISIS group attended the local government releasing a statement early Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Taliban group announced that Daesh “sedition” eradicated in Jawzjan province and the people can safely live in the province from now on.
Zabihullah Mujahid, who introduced himself as Taliban spokesperson said that American planes supported ISIS terror group in clashes with Taliban in Jawzjan, Sar-e Pul, and Faryab provinces.
According to Taliban spokesperson, Darzab and Qosh Tapa districts have been cleared of ISIS group in the past days.

About 153 members of ISIS group were killed in clashes, over 100 wounded and 134 were captured by Taliban group, the Taliban spokesperson said.
According to the Taliban spokesperson, 17 members of the group were killed and 13 more injured in clashes.
The ISIS group officially emerged in Afghanistan in 2015, and started its operations in Zabul, Nangarhar, Farah, Helmand, and Logar provinces. The group succeeded to target mosques and religious centers – mainly Shai mosques and religious centers – in the capital Kabul, and counted as a serious threat along with Taliban group for the people of Afghanistan.

The citizens and political circles accused the government of ignoring the activities of ISIS terror group.
Russia and Iran have repeatedly accused the United States of America of transferring and backing up Daesh group in Afghanistan. America has always rejected the allegations.
The NATO general commander General John Nicholson said that 1000 to 1500 ISIS fighters estimated to be in Afghanistan territory. Earlier, Gen. Nicholson emphasized that ISIS group has no chance to win in Afghanistan during his trip to Farah province.

President M. Ashraf Ghani said that the number of ISIL members in Afghanistan is about 2,000, most of them killed as a result of the clashes with the country’s security and defense forces.

Akhtar Suhail – (DID) press agency
Translated by Taher Mojab

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