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ARG-Daesh and Perilous Green Light for Afghanistan

NATO commander Gen. John Nicholson vowed Daesh group is planning to declare caliphate in Afghanistan, after this group was defeated in Syrian and Iraq.
“ISIL terror group intends to conquer Nangarhar province and declare “Jalalaabd” as the capital city of their caliphate,” Mr Nicholson asserted.
Nicholson claimed in his rhetoric that Daesh group is defeated in Nangarhar province through military operations by American forces, while this group has penetrated in many other districts of the province in the past months.

Ahmad Ali Hazrat, the head of Nangarhar provincial council had said, ISIL terror group has attacked many districts of the province, and American forces also targeted Taliban positions in support of Daesh group.
Members of the provincial council emphasized that US war planes target Taliban fighters to pave the way for ISIL fighters.

Last year, Daesh activities were limited to “Achin” and “Haska Mina” districts, but currently, this group has expanded its activities to “Bati Kot” “Naziyan” “Pachigram” “Chaparhar” “Rudato” and “Khugyani” districts, thanks to American and NATO forces.

Ethnic elders of “Shinwari” district in Nangarhar province also accused American forces of killing civilians under the pretext of ISIL fighters, so that the people escape from these areas and Daesh terror group establish their bases instead.
Zahir Qadir, an MP, has always accused America of backing up Daesh fighters in Nangarhar province.
After recent clashes between Taliban and ISIL in Khugyani district, the Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced: “Taliban have always countered ISIL fighters but they [Taliban] were targeted by US drones.”

Jawid Kohistani, a retired general who was addressing at a gathering held in Kabul, expressed concerns over US attempts, transferring senior ISIL leaders to Afghanistan through “Karachi” port.
“After Daesh group defeated in Iraq and Syria, members of this group have been systematically transferred to Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Mohaqiq, the deputy to the chief executive directorate of the government.

However, General John Nicholson’s rhetoric is remarkable; because he stressed that Daesh group has declared Jalalabad as the capital of their caliphate, but no media outlets reported that.
Sputnik News Agency wrote that commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan occasionally reports unclear news as ISIL’s proxy spokesperson.

International supporters of ISIL are considering a new geographical zone for Daesh movements in the region after this group defeated in Iraq and Syria, and Afghanistan will probably be the next target for this Takfiri group.

Mahdi Mehrdad – (DID) news agency
Translated By Taher Mojab

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