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Causes and Consequences of New US strategy in Afghanistan

New U.S strategy on Afghanistan is more derived from the personal nature of President Donald Trump beside his other measures in anti-Obama ways; as he has tried to set aside all political achievements of Obama, after taking power and acted in opposite directions that we can name the following actions:
– Taking America out of Paris climate deal which was signed by Obama.
– Stopping and changing the health insurance system, known as Obamacare.
– Reviewing political and trade relations with Cuba, which had been built by Obama efforts after a long-break.
– Attempting to stop and withdraw America from the nuclear deal with Iran (Bargam), which in reality is the greatest achievement of diplomacy in the present era.
– Trying to create tensions in the relations of those governments, which had established friendly relations with Obama administration.

The Obama administration tried to end direct non-interference policy in the world and to continue its presence through local forces and its proxy-troops. The implementation of such policy has naturally led to misuse of regional governments that Pakistan and Arab states have used such relations that had with America to meet their local goals.
Based on the same Obama administration policy, circles within the Afghan establishment tried to soften offensive US policy against Taliban and to remove Taliban from the US goals, in order to help the group and even setting the situation up to a friendship level and a common work of America with such forces. This work influenced up to an extent that Barack Obama, the American president even satisfied to collapse systems in the world states at any cost to take the revenge of one of his nationals. The killer exempted some 4,000 troops and officially announced that Taliban are no longer the enemies of the United States and circles within ARG capture the offensive authorities of American troops in Afghanistan, agreeing that no foreign forces have authority to attack the Taliban if Taliban do not directly attack foreign forces. Clearly, whenever the Taliban convoy crosses Bagram square during a bright day but without shooting at foreigners, they would not have the right to fire at them. This has greatly helped the Taliban and Afghanistan again became the birthplace and rebirth of Taliban to the level of today’s potential threat.

Now, like other measures of Donald Trump against Obama, the offensive policy of America and the direct interventions is being implemented, examples of which are as follows:
– Deploying extra troops until an unknown time, contrary to the announcement of the full withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan by Obama.
– Issuing a new decree to US forces in Afghanistan, giving authorities to attend military duties and organizing military operations against Taliban.
– Initiating a discussion on the shift towards a decentralized government in Afghanistan.
Certainly, the announcement of such approach caused the frustrations of those circles in the government who had a sense of alignment and assistance to Taliban; because they had lost the chance of such service in line with their goals.
Surely, we can say that the national unity government is not liked by Trump’s administration as it is made by Obama and considered as his achievements and Afghanistan will not rely on these leaders in the next calculations as well.

Jamal Haidari
14 September 2017
Translated by Taher Mojab

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