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Durand has millions accused!

When I was researching in this field two years ago, found out that perhaps no issue would cause charges in this size for its pros and cons in the history of the past hundred years of the country.
All issues cannot be written here, but we can say that the two great lines “wanting Durand irreconcilable” and contrary to most, although accepted the alleged blades to life, do not retreat from their stances.
Sensitivity is in a way that if one says that Durand is the official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, someone say that they are Pakistan’s agents and nerveless and thinking about borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, like donating a big part of a race and geography of a country to another and

If others say that Durand is not an official border, but a forced line, which was imposed on the ruler of Afghanistan by English colonization in that time, so that the problem be a ground for the intervention and aggression of that colonial country in the region for ever, they say that you know nothing about the reality of history and for seeking pointless dominance, try for futile strife and
While, “there are thousands of threads thinner than hair here” most of our people hostilely put each other as an audience, even if knowing nothing about the matter, and do not think to solve the main problem.

Many past and present Afghan leaders have also considered addressing the issue as undertaking the beehives.
This trouble, is the biggest problem of us and Pakistan and there is a need to be addressed decisively (accepting, not accepting or another solution), in my opinion, any ruler who can find an end to the matter and pass the damage safely, will rule more powerful than Abdu Rahman in Afghanistan.

Today, I think the issue got ethnic flavor and has gradually become smaller from a national claim, if this become smaller, considered as shortcoming, in the first step the sin will be on those who have exaggerated the issue for exploitation of its party and ethnic up to personalization. Otherwise, in the past, a lot of non-Pashtun leaders also did not recognize Durand line as an official border that today’s stalwart pros bring into account the recognition of the border, and their undoubted followers of those first leaders.
So Durand line is very winding and do not consider it superficial and simple. Although the view of anyone can be respected!
I put the result on solving the issue, in that research that I have done, other than accepting or rejecting Durand as a formal line between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

I have always known the hot debate in political and intellectual circles for the benefit of the people and country, so that our rulers pay their attention to solve the main problem of Afghanistan that if it remains this way, a lot of blood and sacrifices will be taken from our people!
Burna Salehi – (DID) news agency
Translated by: Taher Mojab

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