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Kabul to complain from Pakistan to world trade organization

Ministry of commerce and industry of the country will complain to world trade organization for blocking roads by Pakistan.
“Ministry of commerce and industry is trying to give the official complaint to the world trade organization, after about a week of Spin-Buldak and Torkham closure of borders by Pakistan,” Deputy of the country’s MoCI said.

“The ministry seeks legal actions to open borders with Pakistan.” Deputy of commerce and industry said in a meeting, which was launched with the aim of baking the agreement of world trade facilitation in the frame of “world trade organization.”
“We will complain to the world trade organization.” He added. Currently our board had gone to the customs to closely review the area and practically show that the borders are closed, travelers are not commuting and business is not being conducted. “We will also measure the harms, we suffered due to closure of borders.”

Officials of the world chamber of commerce and industry said that adjusting the agreement of facilitating business in the frame of world trade organization, will provide great opportunities for Afghanistan.
“Fulfilling this agreement, will increase world business deals to one trillion dollar,” they asserted.
Officials of the ministry of commerce and industry said that with present instability of the country’s trade, Afghanistan will have been ready to take advantage of the agreement on facilitating trade in the frame of world trade organization up to another year.

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