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Meeting President Ghani, Marshal Dostum Offers to announce Military Situation

Former vice president Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum, in a meeting with President Ghani, asked him to declare a military situation in the country.

President Ashraf Ghani met former VP Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum on Saturday morning to discuss the security status of the country. Both sides discussed the need for immediate action to improve the situation.
“During the meeting, Mr. Dostum offered President Ghani to declare the military situation in the country,” said Ehsan Nero, a spokesman for Marshal Dostum.

According to Nero, declaring the military situation in the country is part of Marshall Dostum’s security plan which has been accepted by President Ghani.
“Marshal Dostum has suggested that a meeting should be held in one of the commando units with the presence of political leaders and then the military situation should be announced in the country,” the spokesman added.
Nero further said that the security plan will likely be implemented soon.

Marshall Dostum has recently been in Turkey. On Friday, he met some political leaders at Sapidar Palace.
However, the city of Sheberghan, Dostum’s hometown, is currently in dire conditions, with reports claiming parts of the city fell to the Taliban.

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