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NATO Committed to Cooperation/Opposition attacks Increased by 13: MoD

Afghan defense minister Tariq Shah Bahrami spoke about the continuing assistance of NATO member states from Afghanistan after returning from Brussels, attending NATO ministers’ summit here in Kabul, but added armed opposition attacks have been increased by 13 percent.
According to DID news agency report, Mr. Bahrami said, NATO defense ministers’ meeting was promising for Afghanistan. They pledged to continue their aid to Afghanistan and will send 3,000 more troops.
Meanwhile, Mr. Bahrami reported that armed oppositions have increased their attacks in the past months, adding that their attacks have been increased by 13 percent.

According to him, Afghan security forces have suffered heavy casualties in the fight against the insurgents, as armed oppositions used vehicles full of explosives while saying that the number of insurgents’ death toll has been also increased by 11 percent.
Mr. Bahrami further said, NATO members expect the Afghanistan government to fight corruption and bring reforms.
“NATO member states have taken our words that Afghan government must seriously fight corruption and bring reforms,” he said.
NATO defense ministers’ summit was held in Brussels a few days ago, and Afghanistan was the heart of discussions.

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