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Parliament Approved current fiscal year Budget/ Money Exchangers, Transport Union ended their Strikes

The House of Representatives of the Afghan parliament approved the draft budget of the 1400 solar fiscal year in a plenary session on Monday. Money exchangers and transport union ended their strikes as well.

The national budget for the 1400 solar fiscal year was approved by the House of Representatives after being rejected twice.
“The rejection of the previous drafts was not political and it was done in support of the system,” said Mir Rahman Rahmani, the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Wolesi Jirga). “After the national demands of the members of the parliament (MPs) were accepted by the government, the MPs voted for it,” he added.

Afghanistan’s money exchangers also decided to end their strike after a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday evening.
“The government will address the problems of money changers within a week,” said Dawa Khan Menapal, the deputy spokesman to the President.
Afghan National Council of Money Exchangers went on strike in protest to the decision of the Central Bank to turn money exchange dealers and monetary services into “monetary service companies”.

Transport companies’ cohesion council said truck drivers ended their strike after about three weeks.
The Head of the transport companies’ cohesion council said that after about three weeks, transport company officials ended their strike after talks with government authorities.

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