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Possible fall of Uruzgan’s Khas district

Heavy clashes between security forces and Taliban are underway in Khas district of Uruzgan province two days ago.
According to (DID) news agency report, quoted from (Radio Azadi). Local officials of Uruzgan vowed that heavy clashes have been started in Khas district of Uruzgan province two days ago. The police have retreated from five checkpoints.
Abdul Samad, a police commander in Khas district said that the district center is surrounded by armed oppositions during two days ago.

“The police have tactically retreated from five security checkpoints in Qal’a-e Khor area, in order to defend the district center,” he added.
Meanwhile, a number of police commanders in Uruzgan’s “Khas” district warned that the district may fall to armed Taliban.
On the other hand, Khas district links to the center of the province have been cut a year ago.

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