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Protests against House of Representatives:

Republic is our Redline

Dozens of civil society activists in Kabul staged protests on Wednesday in front of the parliament building, calling for the preservation of the republic system. The protesters urged the Afghan people to mobilize against the Taliban.
These protests came after Mir Rahman Rahmani, the speaker of the House of Representatives implicitly backed an interim setup in the country.

The civil activists carry posters, saying “the Republic system is our redline, we do not go back, death to terrorism”. They urged the Afghan people to stand up against the conspiracies of the enemies of Afghanistan.
“We are gathered here in support of the preservation of the republican system and we want to raise our voice to the world,” Taranum Saeedi, a civil activist, told DID Press. “We, the Afghan people, will never go back, and those who speak and support an interim government, subconsciously support the terrorists who have killed our people for years,” he added.

According to her, If the Taliban are committed to peace and think about ending the bloodshed, they should come to the negotiating table and end the brutal killing of the people as soon as possible.
In response to the remarks of Mir Rahman Rahmani, the speaker of the House of Representatives, she said the confrontation between the parliament and the presidential palace paves the way for the Taliban to gain strength.

Zohra Amini, another civil activist told DID Press that their protest aims to defend the republic and the security forces.
“We never called for an interim administration and those who beat the drum for an interim government seek to implement the agenda of the Taliban,” she added.

The gathering of these protesters ended by reading a resolution. According to the resolution, the Taliban should unconditionally agree to a ceasefire, so that the peace talks can move forward.

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