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Shiites being Attacked due to belonging to Jurisprudential Sect: Shia Ulema Council

Afghanistan’s Shia Ulema Council says Shiites’ cultural and religious centers are being deliberately and systematically attacked which is an example of genocide. According to the council, Shiites are being attacked due to belonging to a jurisprudential sect.

Afghanistan’s Shia Ulema Council said at a press conference in Kabul on Thursday that since 1380 (solar year), Shiites of Afghanistan have been attacked many times because of their religious affiliation, and the most recent case was the attack on Sayed ul-Shuhada school in the west of Kabul.

Addressing the press conference about the terrorist attack against the school, Mohammad Fayaz, a spokesman of Afghanistan’s Shia Ulema Council, said that all scholars of the Shiite council of Afghanistan sympathize with the families of the victims and urge prosecution of the perpetrators.

“Based on religious guidance and rationality, the Council of Ulema pushes for national unity and prosperity to prevent ethnic, linguistic, and other differences. So that this nation does not plunge into ethnic hypocrisy,” Fayaz said. “Afghanistan Shia Ulema Council supports a just peace process and has presented its views based on justice, brotherhood, and national interests to the parties of the peace process, in which, preserving gains in all areas and a comprehensive and lasting peace were highlighted points of the council’s vision,” he added.

Afghanistan’s Ulema Council said in a statement that destructive proxy wars in line with foreign goals have been strangulating civilians for years.
According to the statement, with the presence of NATO in Afghanistan since 2001, it was expected that terrorism would be eradicated, in the country and peace, stability and security would be established, but since then, we have witnessed bitter and increasing insecurity in the country.

“Unfortunately, in recent years the Shiites of Afghanistan have been specifically attacked by terrorist groups because of their affiliation with a jurisprudential sect and ethnic group,” the statement said. “During these years, public places belonging to Shiites have been repeatedly attacked by suicide bombers and terrorist groups. Suicide and explosive attacks, which are examples of genocide, have been carried out against Shiites,” the statement added.

Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi, meanwhile, said that the security plan for western Kabul has been prepared in the past and presented to the security officials several times. Unfortunately, no positive response was received.

According to him, the current plan, which is on the president’s desk, has been prepared based on the previous plan.
“We hope its fate will be determined soon. If this plan is rejected by the experts, it does not mean that the security of the people will be taken away, in any case, this must be taken into account. If the plan is not implemented, the Council of Ulema will decide according to the time and circumstances,” Alemi Balkhi added.

The parents of the victims of Sayed ul-Shuhada school attended the press conference as well. They stressed that the perpetrators of the attack must be identified.
It is worth mentioning that at least 87 people, mostly schoolgirls, were killed in a terrorist attack against a school in the west of Kabul and over 150 others were wounded.
No group has claimed responsibility so far.

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