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Taliban Must Live up to their Commitments: NATO

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says Taliban must live up to their commitments, adding that NATO are in Afghanistan to protect its interests.
“All NATO members support the US-Taliban agreement and current Doha talks, but the Taliban must live up to its commitments,” said Jens Stoltenberg, speaking at a pre-ministerial conference in Brussel on Wednesday.

Mr Stoltenberg said that 12,000 NATO troops are in Afghanistan, but the force has adjusted its presence based on the peace process. But “further adjustments remain conditions-based.”
“We are there to protect our own interests because if Afghanistan once again becomes safe haven, a place where international terrorists can train, plan, organize, finance attacks our nations, we are more vulnerable,” he underlined.

He stressed that the Taliban must live up to their commitments, significantly reduce the levels of violence and pave the way for a ceasefire.
“They (Taliban) must break all ties with al Qaeda and other international terrorist groups, and they must negotiate in good faith,” he emphasized.
NATO SG continued that the talks in Doha offer the best chance for peace in a generation.

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