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400 Addicts annually Treated in Kunduz

Officials at an 80-bed hospital in Afghanistan’s Kunduz province say, 400 addicts are treated at the hospital every year.
Residents of Kunduz province complain about the increasing number of addicts in the province, saying: the government does not pay attention to this issue.
“According to the determined norm by the ministry of public health, every year, about 400 addicts are treated at the hospital,” said Dr. Abdul Quddus Miyakhel, the president of the 80-bed hospital in Kunduz province.

In 2016 (1395, solar year), according to the determined norms based on the field treatment, outpatient and in bed, the number of treated patients in the province was 1500.

Meanwhile, Mr. Miyakhel says: “the number of beds should be increased because there are more than 30,000 drug addicts in Kunduz province, and the hospital cannot provide services to 30,000 addicts.”
“The addicts get a bed for 40 days at the hospital and are treated, then, the process carried out for one year at their homes,” he added.

Civil activists in Kunduz province says: “the government does not pay attention to this issue. Unemployment and poverty are the reasons that youths turn to narcotic drugs.”

War, poverty, and drug trafficking are the factors making the youth addicted to the drug and the number of addicts increases every year.

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