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Canadian PM Refuses to Meet Abdullah

Trusted sources who asked to be unknown told DID news agency that the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has refused to meet with Dr. Abdullah, the chief executive of the national unity government.
It is said there was a plan to meet Canadian PM during the visit of Mr. Abdullah to America, but it was rejected by the Canadian government.
According to the plans of the state department, Dr. Abdullah was scheduled to go to Canada and meet with the Prime Minister and foreign minister of that country after the trip to America.
The source added the program was canceled by the Canadian government and the request to meet with the Canadian PM had a negative response.
Although, Dr. Abdullah participate in a lot of programs experts believe the executive directorate is a “ceremonial” post.

Meanwhile, a number of experts believe ignoring Afghan official and political representatives abroad by foreign countries and protests of political figures against the dictatorial policy of ARG palace, represent a lack of foreign and domestic credibility of the government.
According to the experts, neither the executive directorate nor the presidency has a political and legal legitimacy which it ruins the reputations of the country abroad.
The Afghan embassy in Canada had previously faced such a problem and the government of that country did not accept the Afghan ambassador. Shinki Krukhel had been sent to Canada as Afghan ambassador but he could not even be able to meet the deputy of Canadian foreign minister let alone the secretary of state.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Abdullah on his trip to America “thanked” that country strategy on Afghanistan, saying he and President Ghani are working to make this strategy successful.

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