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Faryab; Taliban Offensive led by Pakistani General Failed

Faryab police say the Taliban attack in Shirin Tagab district of the province, led by a Pakistani general, has failed.

Faryab police command said in a statement on Monday that a Taliban group led by a former Pakistani general “Sheikh Matiullah” attacked security checkpoints and the center of Shirin Tagab district around midnight on Sunday.

According to the statement, the attack was repulsed by the Afghan security forces, killing 25 Taliban fighters and wounding 7 others.
“Several key members of the Taliban are among those killed,” the statement added.

Faryab police command also said that the security forces and civilians were not harmed during the clash.
This comes as Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum had previously said that the war in the north was being led by Pakistani generals.
Taliban have not commented yet.

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