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From Shaky Ashraf Ghani to Authority of Ata M. Noor

Unlike Mr. Ashraf Ghani, it seems the authority of Ata Mohammad Noor caused the situation to be in his favor so far.

One of the headlines of the country’s media outlets, was Ashraf Ghani’s remarks at the ceremony of announcing the outcome of a ‘joint peace consultative meeting’ in ARG palace, saying “we offer a comprehensive negotiation process to Pakistan.”
“We expect a comprehensive answer from Pakistan,” the president continued, “Afghanistan and Pakistan can bring prosperity in the region.”

This comes as president Ghani demanded more pressure on Pakistan a day before. Exactly after Trump’s tweet, most of the Afghan politicians backed up Trump’s stance against Pakistan and some spoke sharply against that country, but now president Ghani is talking about friendship! The claim to counter Taliban change to peace with Taliban!
Meanwhile, the US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said: “as we know, Afghanistan was a safe haven for terrorists for a long time. So yes, we believe that peace is very important. The presence of Taliban behind negotiation table is important and the international community should support this process.” maybe the visit of Trump’s envoy from Pakistan and negotiation there have posed these issues, although Pakistan’s stance about America has not changed yet.

On the other side, Mr. Noor is threatening the government. According to media outlets, “Balkh governor said at a meeting in the province that if talks between the government and Hezb-e Jamiat do not reach the desired outcome, he will hold a general uprising across the country.”
In a telephone call, Mr. Pence also emphasized on peaceful negotiation with Mr. Noor. According to the White-House, “The US vice President stressed on his support for the Afghan government to engage with Balkh Governor Ata M. Noor and conduct a peacefully negotiated transition of leadership.”

Now, It turns out the claims of some experts that the country’s policy is controlled from abroad is correct. In the meantime, Mr. Ghani addresses to Taliban that “let’s start inter-Afghan peace … if you are Afghan, then, do not give authority to the neighboring country.”

Unlike Mr. Ashraf Ghani, it seems the authority of Ata Mohammad Noor caused the situation to be in his favor so far, especially when engineer Dawood went to Balkh province and agreed with him.
General Yaftali also said: “Afghanistan national army is neutral in all political affairs in the country and never go to military action against the country’s politicians.”

Source: Afghanistan studies
Translated by Taher Moja

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