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UN’s recent report provokes Gen. Raziq’s reaction

The U.N’s anti-torture committee accused General Raziq, Kandahar police chief of committing torture and human rights violation.
Meanwhile, General Raziq, Kandahar police chief strongly rejected the report by the committee against torture of the U.N at a press conference.
He claimed that the report was prepared against him by the committee, according to the demand and cooperation of Pakistani military and intelligence agency. Because Pakistan’s military and intelligence agency are trying to defame a number of Afghan officials who fight against Pakistan. Quoted from (Sputnik).

General Raziq has said that he has evidence in this regard that “indicate the involvement of Pakistan’s military and intelligence agency in human rights commission” and will give these documents and evidence to the president.
“Afghan security forces may have made mistake in the battlefield, but the lives of Afghan soldiers is more important than armed oppositions,” he added.
Jens Modvig, head of the committee against torture (CAT) of the United Nations accused General Raziq of torturing and killing without trial in the report.
Najibullah Azad, deputy presidential spokesman in respond to the report of the committee vowed that the president has ordered an investigation into the matter.

“According to the president’s decree, public complaints and charges which have been offered to the senior government officials in this regard are under serious consideration until next week. Gen. Raziq will be introduced to the justice and judicial institutions in case of illegal acts.” He added.
However, General Raziq claims that regional intelligence had a role in preparing the new report of CAT of the United Nations.
General Raziq, Kandahar police chief showed a harsh reaction to the new report of the United Nations.

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