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We will respond to anti-Russian threats: Putin

Russia will give an appropriate answer to the anti-Russian threats of North Atlantic treaty organization (NATO) and the development of U.S defense missile system in Europe, Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation president has said.
Putin made the remarks in an interview for a documentary film by Oliver Stone, American film director, quoted from (Sputnik).
The Russian media released another part of the Russian president speech which it noted to two major security threats for Russia by the West.
“The first threat, is the settlement of missile defense system in the neighborhood of Russia’s borders in the countries of East Europe,” the Russian president said.

“Another threat is that the equipment and American defense missile system near Russian borders can become aggressive rocket launcher system in a few hours,” he added.
“Russia will be sieged by establishing this missile system,” Putin stated.
“In east Europe missile interceptors are deployed on warships and these ships are there in the Mediterranean and north coast of Alaska,” he further added.
“These American action is a big mistake. In fact, our partners are making a strategic mistake, because we have the right answers to all these measures, which means the beginning of a new round of arms race,” the Russian president said.

“Russia’s response to the actions of America will be far less expensive, but effective, this is to maintain the strategic balance and this is a very important issue,” Putin stressed.
“Disrupting nuclear balance in the world is a big mistake. Scientists who handed over information of the bomb to the Soviet understood the issue (nuclear balance) on the verge of building an atomic bomb,” the Russian president added.
“When America built a nuclear bomb, the Soviet Union began to implement a nuclear program for these kinds of weapon. In that time domestic and foreign scholars and first, German experts were working in this field,” he said.
“Soviet intelligence agencies gained extensive information about the atomic bomb from the U.S and when the scientists found out the peril, offered the science of making it to the Soviet government,” Putin underlined.

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