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VP Danish Calls on new US Government to Review Peace Process

Second Vice President M. Sarwar Danish at the “National Conference on Strengthening the Information Process at the Local Level” on Monday called on the new US government to review the ongoing peace process in Doha.
Mr Danish hoped that by reviewing the process of peace talks, the existing problems will be resolved and all parties will support the peace process more responsibly, accurately, and based on facts.
Referring to the challenges in the Doha peace talks, he rejected the US-Taliban peace deal as the basis of the intra-Afghan peace talks and called it unacceptable.
“Considering the US and Taliban agreement as the basis for the ongoing talks in Doha is not acceptable for the Afghan government. We did not sign this agreement, were not a side to it, did not approve it, and have no legal responsibility regarding its provisions,” the second VP asserted, adding that “our only responsibility and commitment is the joint declaration of Kabul and the Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) of Afghanistan and the resolution of the UN Security Council on the principle of peace as well as the pursuit of all disputed issues at the negotiating table”.

According to him, the Taliban’s inflexibility is the main cause of the existing stalemate in Doha talks. As a result, the people of Afghanistan have lost their trust in the peace process and blame the Afghan government for the release of Taliban prisoners while most of the released prisoners have rejoined battlegrounds.
“If the Taliban think they can win against the Afghan people and government through war, they are wrong and will never reach their goal. Because the people and the government of Afghanistan stand side by side in defense of the Republic,” the stressed.

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